Adult Swimming Lessons

Are you an “Absolute Beginner”?

Do you recognise any of these feelings?

  • I feel really uncomfortable in the water
  • I don’t feel safe at all in water and it makes me very anxious
  • I feel really nervous about putting my face in the water
  • I feel I don’t have confidence in water, especially when it’s deep
  • I can swim from A to B, but I don’t feel confident or co-ordinated

Would you like to be able to:

  • Relax and enjoy being in water
  • Feel more in control and safe in the water
  • Feel relaxed and confident when swimming/learning to swim
  • Enjoy being in the water on holiday / for exercise / with the kids/grandchildren…

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of those questions, please understand that you are not alone. In the UK it is estimated that 12 million people are unable to swim which is a staggering 20% of the population!

In our 1-2-1 classes, your dedicated teacher will help you to gain confidence and begin the process of learning to love the water and dispel any fears you may have about water and learning to swim.  Your instructor will be with you the whole time in the water, to aid in any way they can.  The majority of adults will learn to swim within the first couple of lessons especially if they have had no negative past experiences, but if you need to overcome some fears of the water it may take a little longer. At Super Swim Academy we will always work at your pace and will help guide and support you as much as possible so you WILL swim….

Do you want to Improve your Swimming Technique?

We can also help more intermediate and advanced swimmers to improve technique and stamina with the help of a qualified instructor in the water with you at all times.

There is an awful lot of information out there for those swimmers wanting to improve technique and hardly any of it is consistent! If you want to improve your technique or stroke, where do you start?

At Super Swim Academy, we keep it simple by taking a general observation of your swimming style and co-ordination, then taking it from there. As individuals, we are all built differently and so we focus less on how a stroke should be done correctly but more about how a stroke is going to work most effectively for you. It might be that all that is required is a correction of the neck angle during your stroke or whether the shoulders are open and relaxed. Very simply, we take the natural way your body was intended to move and help tweak it to maximum effect.

Equally important for us to consider and look at is the work you are putting in that actually is not required! For example; are you thinking too much about a stroke or are you trying to go too fast and can afford to slow down with better quality strokes. It’s important for us to consider what’s happening in your brain during swimming as well, so we’ll do a lot of talking and asking questions.

It might be that all is required is an hours refresher if you have got into some bad habits or we may need a couple more sessions to really work on a technique that you want to master. Either way, Super Swim Academy will have you feeling like you have made real improvements in only a short time. Call us to find out more about how we can help.

The Benefits for Swimming as an Adult

It’s well known that swimming is probably one of the best sports you can do for your health and well being; strengthening muscles, improving cardiovascular performance and helping to relieve stress. Did you know that an hour of intense swimming can burn up to 650 calories!

The main benefits of swimming are listed here;

The body lighter is lighter in water and as a result means that it is the ideal environment to work on stiff muscles and sore joints. As less pressure is applied to your body by being in the water, you will be able to exercise in comfort and improve your core strength too.

Swimming is also great for strengthening the muscles of the heart. It does this by allowing for better blood flow through the body as a result of the aerobic exercise and makes the heart more efficient when it is pumping. As it is an aerobic exercise swimming is also great for helping to achieve better cholesterol balance. Even a small, regular amount of exercise in the pool can make a significant difference.

Swimming puts the entire body through a range of different exercise routines from your feet, right through to your head. These individual motion and movements help ligaments to stay loose and flexible, whilst using the natural resistance of the water to build strength. The buoyancy in water makes it easier to exercise certain muscles that you may find harder to on dry land.
As previously mentioned, swimming is one of the best calorie burning exercises you can do for your body and therefore a great way for keeping your weight at a desired level.

The amount of calories you burn during swimming is dependent on your own body shape and the intensity of your exercise. However, is has been shown that for every ten minutes of swimming you will burn approximately 60 calories with breast stroke and 150 calories with the butterfly style.

Swimming is exercise in an environment that naturally has moisture in the air making an ideal sport for asthma sufferers to engage in. Exercising in the pool can help to minimise the chances of having an asthma attack and in some cases, it can even help improve the condition overall.

“I am an adult male who’s gone through life not being able to swim, but always wanted to, the thought of being in water had put me off altogether, it took me ages to build up enough courage even to inquire about swimming lessons.
Having decided, I joined Lindsey for 1-2-1 lessons, the lessons began with building  water confidence, and this was at an easy pace, as I became more comfortable in water the lessons advanced, but only when I was ready, Lindsey’s understanding of individual abilities to progress, in my view, is why she is successful.
She makes it good fun, it’s not stressful, there is no spectators, it’s affordable, and you learn to swim.
I would encourage anyone who has anxieties with water, or who simply want to learn to swim, then join Lindsey for a few lessons, you won’t regret it.”

Bob Collins
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