Kids Swimming Lessons

Super Swim Academy lessons are available for children of all ages from 4 years upwards, whether they took part in our Super Baby Splashers programme or not.  We teach by skill level not age and cater for all abilities of children from total beginners who have little or no water confidence to those who have experience but wish to improve their skills ready for club level.

Lessons are run weekly in small groups, with sessions running for 10weeks. We also run 1-2-1 classes and holiday crash courses, to cater for those unable to commit to the full 10weeks. At Super Swim Academy, we make it our aim to provide the highest standard of teaching to ensure that your child learns a valuable life skill and has fun in a safe, friendly environment.

We keep our class sizes to a minimum so focus can be given to every child and continuous feedback and praise given to everyone.  At Super Swim Academy, we believe that it is possible to teach every child to swim, some take longer than others so our lessons are catered for individual needs and we work to your child’s pace where encouragement and motivation forms a key part to every lesson.  At each lesson teachers continually assess children’s abilities at performing necessary tasks and those that are able move on to the next level.   We operate within the STA Learn To Swim badge scheme and children can achieve badges and certificates as they complete each level of swimming.

One to One Swimming Lessons

At Super Swim Academy we recognise there are those children who prefer 1-2-1 time with their instructors rather than learning in a group and there are those children who are simply struggling with a technique or confidence and just need a little extra help and support to master it. Our 1-2-1 sessions can run on a regular basis if you’d prefer this for your child or you can book ad-hoc sessions as a refresher for your child.

Crash Courses

During certain non-term time holidays we run our crash courses (pool dependent). These have proven extremely popular in the past and do get booked up very fast. Crash courses run for 4days consecutively for ½ an hour and it has been shown that short, intensive courses can prove extremely beneficial to children and aid learning and technique uptake. See our class timetable to book your next crash course.

“Lindsey’s swimming classes, what can I say WOW, they have taken my little boy Alfie from a frightened beginner, ok in the water but so afraid of jumping in and going under the water to just passing his Octopus 2 badge, the whole professionalism of the Team shines through from them all and Alfie is so excited about going every week now, so he can show them all how good he is doing, the help and advice from Lindsey in developing Alfie has been second to none, not just on poolside but out of lessons with phone calls reassuring us that he will just grasp it and boy was she right, we are so chuffed with Alfie’s progress we would recommend Lindsey’s swimming classes which we have done to many of our friends who now take their own kids for lessons.

Our little boy can swim thanks to Lindsey and the team (Lindsey, Carly, Magen, Karen, Kieran all who have helped in Alfie’s progress).”

Ged & Bev Allen
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