“Lindsey’s swimming classes, what can I say WOW, they have taken my little boy Alfie from a frightened beginner, ok in the water but so afraid of jumping in and going under the water to just passing his Octopus 2 badge, the whole professionalism of the Team shines through from them all and Alfie is so excited about going every week now, so he can show them all how good he is doing, the help and advice from Lindsey in developing Alfie has been second to none, not just on poolside but out of lessons with phone calls reassuring us that he will just grasp it and boy was she right, we are so chuffed with Alfie’s progress we would recommend Lindsey’s swimming classes which we have done to many of our friends who now take their own kids for lessons.

Our little boy can swim thanks to Lindsey and the team (Lindsey, Carly, Magen, Karen, Kieran all who have helped in Alfie’s progress).”

Ged & Bev Allen

“Living by the sea I have always believed that learning to swim is essential for child safety, my daughter joined Super Baby Splashers at around 4 months old, having just turned one she is completely at home in the water. Thea loves splashing about with the toys and lots and lots of singing! More importantly, she has no fear of water and is already learning how to keep herself safe in the water. Super Baby Splashers is fun for both baby’s and parents and the staff are fantastic. I have, and will continue to highly recommended Super Baby Splashers. And will be forever grateful to Claire for the precious memories of my daughter enjoying the water.”


“I would like to say its never too late to learn I am almost 60 and last year I went to classes with Lindsey. I was extremely nervous and terrified of deep water but with her patience and expertise I was soon swimming with confidence and overcame my fear it felt amazing best thing I ever did massive thanks to Lindsey you changed my life xxxx”

“My daughter started lessons with Lindsey’s swimming classes when she was 5. I have been absolutely amazed with her speedy progress. Brilliant lessons!  I highly recommend them!”

Sarah Wall

“Me and my son have found Claire’s swimming lessons really fun and he really enjoys it, he has learnt many new things and has become more confident and happy in the water with the support and encouragement off myself and Claire.  

Having heard from friends about Super Baby Splashers I was eager to go on the course and I am so glad I did. Claire and Lindsey are so lovely and the experience from the first day has been fantastic. Watching my baby develop in the time spent in the pool is amazing. Having an 8-month-old hold onto the pool bar for support and been able to be left floating under water is such an achievement for him and it is all down to Claire and Lindsey classes. It also provides a perfect time to spend quality time with your baby especially when you go back to work! Could not recommend more.”

“Super Baby Splashers are fantastic classes that have helped not only my baby’s confidence in water, but mine also.

From the day I enquired Claire has been so helpful, providing me with all the information I needed before we decided whether to enrol.

We originally joined the Saturday class and when my little boy seemed distressed Claire put me at ease and suggested bringing him to a quieter session to settle him in. We did and haven’t looked back. He absolutely loves it and is definitely a splasher!!!

The facilities are clean, the pool is warm and the best thing is Claire actually treats every parent and child individually with warmth and personality. You don’t feel like you are just another paying customer, you feel the company genuinely cares.

I definitely recommend Super Baby Splashers as a wonderful experience for parent and baby.”

Bek Homer & Seth

“Learning to swim is like a right of passage for children. It is such an important skill to have in terms of both safety and forming part of living an active and healthy lifestyle. We wanted to find swimming lessons that would teach our girls to swim and also make it fun and enjoyable. Lindsey’s Swimming classes and Super Baby Splashers have over delivered on expectation. The lessons are in small groups with a teacher in the water encouraging and supporting your child every step of the way. The teachers are prepared to work with the individual children within the group to cater to their specific needs and development. A progression through the classes by gaining badges allows every child to move at a pace to suit them. The results are clear to see: we have two confident swimmers, age 6 & 3, who love being in the water and are well on the way to being better than Mummy at swimming!”

Fran Kitson

“I am an adult male who’s gone through life not being able to swim, but always wanted to, the thought of being in water had put me off altogether, it took me ages to build up enough courage even to inquire about swimming lessons.
Having decided, I joined Lindsey for 1-2-1 lessons, the lessons began with building  water confidence, and this was at an easy pace, as I became more comfortable in water the lessons advanced, but only when I was ready, Lindsey’s understanding of individual abilities to progress, in my view, is why she is successful.
She makes it good fun, it’s not stressful, there is no spectators, it’s affordable, and you learn to swim.
I would encourage anyone who has anxieties with water, or who simply want to learn to swim, then join Lindsey for a few lessons, you won’t regret it.”

Bob Collins